Montessori Rainbow Activity
Montessori Rainbow Activity
Montessori Rainbow Activity
Montessori Rainbow Activity
Montessori Rainbow Activity
Montessori Rainbow Activity

Montessori Rainbow Activity

Timeless Montessori
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This original colour wheel has been created by Timeless Montessori consists of the circular wooden shape wheel that have been hand painted to reflect the Montessori colour wheel. This colour wheel has 24 nest 3 in each colour that house the matching coloured balls. This model is designed as an educational gift that can be used at various stages of
your child’s development.

⚙️Product specification:
This colour rainbow activity is a 30cm in diameter and houses 24 wooden balls in the nests of the wheel. This item has been hand made as a high standard educational toy that will support and ignite learning. Child safe paint and toy paint is used to paint this activity and we recommend you clean the activity with a damp cloth.

⚙️Product purpose/details/benefits:
This educational toy is multifunctional and grows and develops with the child’s
knowledge. Ultimately supporting their individual learning journey. There are 3
key educational aims this educational tool can be used for:

⚙️Visual discrimination; Language development and knowledge and
understanding of the world.

⚙️Supporting mathematical concepts; matching, sorting, pairing, developing
concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

⚙️Developing creativity, by exploring and naming colours and notice how they can be used or observed in the environment, whilst fuelling their curiosity, and developing their critical thinking.

A timeless gift for all and can be enjoyed by children, making learning fun and
never lose the love for learning.

Our key philosophy is that learning opportunities are endless.

What is included:
⚙️ 1Nº - 30cm / 300mm circle board 30cm with 24 nests.
⚙️ 24Nº - 2cm / 20mm wooden balls with the matching colours.

Disclaimer: As with all children’s products, adult supervision is required. Products that contain small parts may pose a choking hazard and should not be used by children under 3.