About Us

Hello! My name is Annabel Alice, I finished my Masters in Education and have a strong background in early years education as well as being a qualified Montessori teacher.

Our story begins when I was a child, education and learning did not come easy to me I was dyslexic but no one ever picked up until I was 13 years old. I found reading and writing very challenging and learning in itself was a chore. I live and work in the United Kingdom and love my job as a teacher and the children that I interact with on a day-to-day basis makes my job the best in the world.

As a Montessori teacher the main focus is ‘following the child’ allowing the child’s interests and to direct their learning and ensure learning is a rewarding task.

As a teacher I make materials regularly and share these with my class however on the market there is a gap for educational toys that are suitable and support the child’s learning journey. Therefore the brand timeless Montessori was born, true to its name these educational tools are ‘timeless’ ones that can be bought and used to accompany the child’s learning journey.

All the Educational toys made have been specifically made to support learning and ignite curiosity. The products have been individual designed by myself to bring out the best in the child, each product has been hand made by Sam my partner with a background in furniture design and manufacture he understands the technical components of our product.

These products combine Montessori pedagogy as well as the government curriculums each set has a follow on series that can be bought as and when the child learning develops. Making this a lasting toy truly in its sense timeless.